About us

Our story

Geekay Print and Packaging is a professional offset printer and label manufacturer located in heart of the  Bengaluru city. We are one of the very old service providers in the market bench marking the quality of printing and label manufacturing services through most advance technologies. Popularly known for the quality output, we have been catering to small, big and huge requirements of thousands of clients around the world.

The technologies and machines we use in our printing services and label manufacturing services enable us to provide comprehensive solutions under one roof at Geekay print and packaging.

Why Choose Geekay?

Geekay Printers are known for high quality production. With over 25 years of customer satisfaction, Geekay is rated as one of the Top 500 printing companies in India by Print Week Mumbai. Facilities, quality of work and customer focused approach at Geekay are the primary reasons which motivate clients to associate with us for a long term business relationship.

Highly Flexible

Technologies at Geekay enable us to provide services to clients with any size of requirements. Our services are available for both short runs and large requirements.


Our commitment to clients is to abide by the delivery timelines. Our Intermittent Technology in Printing enables us to deliver services with a very quick delivery time.

Process Driven

At Geekay, we have adopted an ERP Based working environment; This ensures that every order is processed systematically without much dependency on individuals.

Organized & Structured

Spotlessly clean and air conditioned plant maintains a dust free environment. Following FIFO method, raw materials are stored on wooden pallets and separate packing area.

We work precisely

Standard operating procedure is displayed to avoid any variances in production. Complete demarcation of areas to avoid mixing of inventory, work in progress and finished goods.

Our Workforce

The work force at Geekay printers are regularly upgraded with various skills to assure to quality in delivery. Highly skilled team is our strength behind our economical pricing and efficiency.

We provide the best service in industry